Types of Essay Papers

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What type of essay are you writing? Several types of essays are used inside classrooms, labs, and many other facilities. The papers are written in a way that is comprehensive, easy-to-understand, and detailed.  The type of essay you are writing determines how you will research and write the material. Some of the most common types of essays you might be assigned to write includes those listed below.

Narrative Essay

The narrative essay tells a story, thus is more interesting to the reader and helps you better get the point across. This type of essay can tell most any type of story, but usually involves a person as the subject matter. There are many types of narrative essays and topics to write. A narrative essay gives a history of the person and event, offers entertainment, and insights the reader.

Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is a commonly type of essay teachers assign to their students. The essay is detailed and provides helpful information concerning the topic. When writing this essay style, you’re doing so to provide details about the subject.  The purpose is to provide an explanation greater than what is available currently.

Persuasive Essay

The persuasive essay is one that is written in a manner to convince others to take the same stance as your own. This type of paper can be written based upon many different subject matters and from many different stand points. It is important to know where you stand on the issue before you begin researching and writing the paper.

Cause & Effect Essay

The cause and effect essay is one in which you demonstrate to the reader that a certain action caused a specific effect. This is an essay that is a bit more difficult to write than others, according to many students, but a paper that offers insightful information to those reading.


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