How Proper Termites Treatment Works These Days

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A truly powerful formula has been developed to knock them stone cold dead. It comes from the bark of a South American indigenous plant. A team of researchers figured out a way to extract this compound from its backyard if you will. Unlike chemical poisons, the compound manufactured is safe for termites treatment within domestic environments. The plant, Ryania Speciosa, poses no threats to humans, animals and even plants.

The formula has been put to the test many times over. The results were powerful. Heavily infested premises were cleared of all termites once the solution of chlorantraniliprole was applied. It takes around three months for the solution to do its work. Advancing colonies were even stopped in its tracks. The solution rests. It has the ability to keep termites off of anyone’s premises for years. Termites somehow come into contact with chlorantraniliprole because they cannot taste or smell it.

They naturally walk through it and ingest it, and carry it on their bodies. But within hours the termites’ mouths have become paralyzed. This means that they can no longer feed themselves. And as a result, they starve to death, all the while spreading their own infestation onto other termite colonies. A guarantee is given that all homes that invest in this natural, organic but extremely effective treatment will be free of pestilence within three months.

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Because this organic dust is allowed to settle for a number of years, no new colonies will come knocking on your wooden front door. Applying the treatment is safe, provided it is administered by the experts. But it is also quite cheap, all things considered. There is no domestic inconvenience either because apart from being safe around children and pets, there is no bad smell left behind; something unpleasant that is usually the case of conventional poisons.

Now, many of you may not necessarily have termite specific problems, although it is the case for a majority of readers, but just so you know, similar natural treatments that work have been developed to kill other bugs such as lice and cockroaches.